middle america is a narrative that describes the local effects of technology on culture.

it’s a series of interconnected stories focused in and around the small city of Middletown Ohio.

once a thriving town with over 50 corporate headquarters, today it has become a stagnant suburb of the larger Cincinnati-Dayton metropolis, another bedroom community along the interstate highway.

the transition from farm to factory to finance occurred here – under the same forces that propelled it across the US.

my attempt is to make it accessible, reduced to the human scale of a small, but industrially significant Ohio town.



scrubbed history

this is an attempt is to offer a non-traditional view validated with traditional sources. forgotten pieces of our local past provide a genuine glimpse into the foundations of current myth.

the history of science and technology stands in opposition to opinion. it’s often dismissed as a corollary to the dominant narrative that  prefers politicians and government.

consideration for local history is even worse, regarded as a parochial pursuit that offers little insight to larger events.

my intention is to demonstrate that local stories from a small industrial town in southwestern Ohio can present a useful context for a broader understanding of of global change.




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